Kitchen Diner, Extended Bedrooms and Roof Terrace

In a quiet cul-de-sac, this family home has lent itself to a quirky project. The homeowner was looking for what others crave; additional space, surely that’s the whole point of an extension, right?

We’ve come to realise that extending a home is not just about how much space you have but about how you see your life changing as a result. Whilst the temptation of extra storage and more privacy for expanding teenagers is a pragmatic solution, extensions are more than that. Here we have a family with teenagers and with that comes the increasing demand for a ‘teenage bolt hole’ but also the need for more open family space and flexible use of downstairs. The existing kitchen has been expanded significantly to create an open plan feel and superb connection with the outdoor space by using bi-folds which can reveal the entire aperture, the homeowner has also installed a modern, fresh kitchen with an island space ideal for social life and family catch ups.

The building works also incorporated a downstairs snug and toilet so that there’s some space for family members to break out or speak to friends separately. The whole space has been neatly finished with eye-catching large scale marble tiles in the kitchen and practical grey wood vinyl flooring to the snug.

Upstairs, the bedroom sizes have been given a tremendous boost but with a twist; a roof terrace with a walk-on roof light. It’s a great addition for light in the deep kitchen and also a real talking point. The terrace is fitted out with obscured glass and cool stainless steel railing and an ultra modern composite anti-slip deck which fits perfectly flush with the roof light.

The dream here is glasses of wine at sunset, away from the cares of the world and above it all. This is why our website doesn’t show the building phase of our projects, that the bit that needs to go well as a given. What we want our clients to see and imagine is how life can be different when a home achieves its potential.

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