Single Storey Rear Infill Extension

They say that staying is the new moving. Why do they say it? Interest rates on the rise, worrying about Brexit and house prices? No, it’s something simpler and more visceral than that; when you find the spot you like, you stay there. This is a great example of building your dream where you are.

This family home is nestled in a quiet cul-de-sac just north of the town centre. It offers great access links, peace, safety and good schools. Also, surprisingly a generous garden for such a new house.

Having benefited once already from side development, this family wanted to open up the rear of the property to create a family and social space. The project built out from an existing kitchen and opened up the space with an impressive steel joist which spans the entire extension with a minimal intrusion of piers.

Time was taken in working with the homeowners to ensure the space was a delight to be in. The introduction of light from above, the window in front of the sink to maintain a garden view (or keep an eye on the kids whilst washing up). Practical elements such as three-leaf bifolds for ease of egress and yet also the aesthetic elements such as the introduction of an internal gable with a softened look to add interest to the feel of the extension. Care was taken to match existing materials, even floor-coverings in order to create the seamless look one would expect to find in an open-plan space.

Detail is not forgotten on the exterior either, recessed lights in the soffit boards and brushed chrome door furniture add a modern feel to the outside.

All in all, a success. More space for living, socialising, playing, large family gatherings, talking, even doing homework under the watchful eye of mum and dad!

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